The Godfather of NYC Unsanctioned Racing: Joe DiNoto


Joe DiNoto is the pioneer behind the latest craze in NYC running: unsanctioned racing.  These dangerous events through the streets of New York capture the imagination of runners around the world as some of NYC’s most elite athletes bob and weave through traffic hoping to be the first across the finish line.  Joe, the founder of Orchard Street Runners, explains why racing in general and unsanctioned racing in particular taps into one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. 

Photo Credit: George Grullon

TCS NYC Marathon: Everything you need to know with Coach Justin Wood

Justin Wood and I have run the TCS NYC Marathon a combined 9 times.  In this special episode, we break the race down into its most fundamental components.  We discuss race-day logistics as well as execution.  We answer common questions regarding the mysteries behind tapering and the infamous carbo-load.  Whether you're running this race for the 1st time or the 100th, you’ll come away from this episode with a plan to get from your bed to the finish line on November 4th.

Justin Woodis an RRCA Level 1 certified running coach and the Founder and Head Coach of Justin's Joggers, a NYC based running team.

Glenn Hartrick: The Overly Motivated Triathlete

Glenn Hartrick was on top of the world.  He had completed multiple marathons and triathlons, including a sub 10 hour finish at the NYC Ironman.  His physique was so exceptional that he was featured on the cover of the Runner's World Body Issue in December 2012.  But in June of 2014, just weeks after completing Ironman Texas, Glenn was struck by a car while on a training ride.  He was paralyzed from the chest down.  With new definitions of pain, struggle and determination Glenn battled back and is now an elite para-athlete continuing his journey this year at the 2018 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Learn how Glenn found the will to keep moving forward and what it took to get back on top of the world.  #2Ns

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Tina Muir on Being Brave, Being Strong and Being You


Tina Muir is a Professional Runnerand Olympic hopeful from the United Kingdom.  After years competing at the highest level, she made the difficult decision to hang up her shoes and start a family.  Tina and I speak candidly about her reasons for leaving the world of competitive running and how the sport affected her health.  When she’s not on mom duty (and sometimes while she is), Tina continues to inspire thousands with her podcast, Running for Real, as she honestly and openly discusses real-world problems faced by runners today.

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Personal Recordings: "I Fired My Coach" by Allison Goldstein


Have you ever fired your coach?  Did it feel like breaking up?  Allison Goldstein delivers another poetic tale of her struggles with firing her old coach and her optimism with hiring her new one.  Whether you are a coached athlete or not Allison brings an interesting perspective on what can become a surprisingly intimate relationship.   

Listen to Allison's full interview on the Personal Record Podcast.

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24 Marathons in 24 Days with Shane Finn

Have you ever wondered what it's like to run 24 marathons in 24 days?  Well Shane Finn can tell you all about it.  This Irish native embarked upon an endurance journey of epic proportions in the summer of 2017 and raised €142,000 ($165,000) for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Ireland.  While that might be enough for most people Shane plans to raise the bar even higher in 2019 by running and biking across America to continue his crusade for SBHI.  Find out why Shane always needs to do more and how he finds the strength to never stop trying.  

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Amy Freeze: NYC's Favorite Meteorologist

Amy Freeze can be seen most mornings on NYC's WABC Eyewitness News Team reporting on the weather.  But when she's not scanning Doppler images she can most often be seen running in Central Park.  This Indiana native picked up endurance sports at an early age and credits much of her success with the lessons learned from running.  Besides being a multi-time marathoner and triathlete she uses her time and influence to help raise money and awareness for charity organizations such as the Challenged Athlete Foundation and the Ray Pfeiffer Foundation.  Her energy is limitless and it was an honor to speak with her at the WABC studios.

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Personal Recordings: Death Be Not Proud by Sarah Crouch


Sarah Crouch discusses the philosophy of strategy in "Death Be Not Proud".  After a conservative effort at a 5 mile race, Sarah is forced to reflect on her tactics and what it says about her and her running career. 

Sarah is a professional runner, 361 USA sponsored athlete and a contributor to the Personal Record Podcast.   

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Find out how strength work will make you faster with Jason Fitzgerald

Has your running performance plateaued despite logging countless miles?  Every wonder why you keep getting injured?  Well maybe Jason Fitzgerald can help.  Jason is a USATF-certified coach, Founder and Head Coach of Strength Running and author of Running for Health & Happiness.

As a blogger, podcast host, and independent coach, Jason has advised hundreds of thousands of runners and has helped tens of thousands more accomplish their goals with results-oriented coaching programs.

On this episode of Personal Record, Jason and I tackle a range of topics including injury prevention, optimal performance, and how strength work might be the missing link to both.

Eating Disorders in Sports with Rachael Steil

Rachael Steil is the author of Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It.  In the book she details her struggles with eating disorders throughout her high school and college track career and the ways in which the diseases affected her performance, her relationships and her health.  Rachael has since dedicated her life to helping women and men who struggle with similar disorders, including offering advice to coaches and family members of these athletes. Through her activism work and using her book as a mouthpiece, Rachael strives to break misconceptions, heighten awareness and generate change in the athletic community for those at any body weight who struggle to speak up.

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Jeff Gaudette: Founder and head coach of Runner's Connect

Jeff Gaudette has been running for 13 years, at all levels of the sport. He was a two time Division-I All-American in Cross Country while at Brown University and competed professionally for 4 years after college. Jeff has competed all over the world, in numerous marathons, and recorded Olympic Trials qualifying times in the marathon and 10,000 meters.

Jeff and I have a fascinating conversation about Runner's Connect and their unique ability to coach athletes of all abilities.  We discuss podcasting, the enormous challenges faced by high school track coaches and the barriers of entry for new runners.  Jeff gives great advice on how YOU can help someone overcome those hurdles.

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Sarah Crouch: Professional Runner and 13X NCAA All American

Sarah Crouch is a Professional Runner, 13 X NCAA All American, and a 2:32 marathoner with too many other running achievements to name. In this fantastic conversation, Sarah and I tackle everything from doping and PEDs to eating disorders in sports.

Sarah is also a prolific writer and will be a regular fixture on the Personal Record Podcast with a new segment we are calling "Personal Recordings.”  Athlete-writers will be periodically featured reading essays and articles they've written on subjects ranging from injury prevention to racing, plus commentaries on frustration, motivation, and everything in between.

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Angela Naeth: North American Ironman Champion

Have you ever dealt with long term injury or illness?  Angela Naeth is the 2015 North American Ironman Champion. Along with two sub-9 hour Ironman performances she founded the "I Race Like a Girl" Triathlon Team.  In 2016 she suffered a broken foot requiring surgery and months of rehabilitation.  She battled back in 2017 only to be diagnosed with Lyme disease; a misunderstood and often misdiagnosed bacterial infection.  Learn how Angela stays positive by using sport psychology and shamanism to help guide her through her many hurdles.  

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Nicole Falcaro: NYC's Newest Pro Triathlete

Nicole Falcaro is NYC's newest professional triathlete.  With a background in running she found herself looking for something more and discovered triathlon.  She rose through the amateur ranks winning almost every race in which she competed before deciding to take the next step.  Her love of endurance sports and her obsessive need to work as hard as she can served her well at the Wildflower 70.3 Triathlon where she recently took 7th place.  Find out what makes Nicole tick and why she needs to be the best she can be.  

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Scott Douglas: NY Times Best Selling Author on Running


Scott Douglas, NY Times best-selling author, joins us to speak about his latest book, Running is My Therapy, which shows how running can make us HAPPIER.  Scott speaks candidly about his own battles with depression and how running has helped make him whole.  Listen as Scott shares his hard-earned wisdom after 40 years and over 110,000 miles of running.  

Scott's Amazon Author Page:  Purchase your copy of Running is my Therapy as well as any of Scott's other books.  

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Geoff Smith: 2X Boston Marathon Champion


Geoff Smith, the 2X Boston Marathon Champion and former Liverpool Fire Fighter joins Personal Record.  We talk about the Boston Marathon, his podium finish at the NYC Marathon and his Olympic Marathon heartbreak.  If there was a college course on running Geoff Smith would be the professor.  Listen as Geoff dispenses his hard earned wisdom and find out why running makes him happy.  

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Jenna Tanenbaum: President and Co-Founder of Green Blender

Jenna Tanenbaum, a recovering cross-fitter turned runner, has always been an active health and fitness enthusiast. In 2014 Jenna decided to make her passion her business and started GreenBlender, a subscription-based smoothie company, with her husband Amir Cohen.  Find out why Jenna believes endurance athletes and entrepreneurs might have more in common than meets the eye. In this interview you will learn as much from Jenna about starting your own business as you will about fitness and nutrition.

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