Personal Recordings: "Such as we are made of" by Sarah Crouch

Sarah Crouch is professional runner and a prolific writer. In this essay “Such as we are made of” Sarah delves deep into the struggles she has dealt with, both physically and mentally, in being a professional runner.  Sometimes you see your personal bests just slip away and sometimes they won’t come back for quite a while.  Sarah was in that position earlier this year where she hadn’t run a personal record in a very long time.  So she Wrote this.  It’s basically a letter from past Sarah to future Sarah telling her everything is going to be ok.  It takes a certain kind of person to get through it and it takes a certain kind of person to keep pushing toward that finish line.  And Sarah did just that.  In October of 2018 Sarah finished top American in a staggering time of 2:32 at the Chicago Marathon.  We here at the show are very proud of her and we wish her continued success.  

Sarah is a 361 USA sponsored athlete and a contributor to the Personal Record Podcast.   

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